Relax and enjoy the sea and the beach of Cojimíes.

Cojimíes is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation on the beaches of Ecuador.

Discover what to do in Cojimíes Beach

Cojimíes Beach is only a 4-5 hour drive from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It is a small town of just over 3000 inhabitants, many of whom are engaged in fishing and agriculture, and a large part of which offers tourist services. “Cojimíes Beach is perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Ecuador”.

📍 Location and how to get to Cojimíes ?

The enigmatic Cojimíes Beach is located in the canton of Pedernales , in the beautiful province of Manabí, on the northwest coast of Ecuador. This coastal jewel is strategically located on the shores of the majestic Pacific Ocean, very close to the famous Mompiche Beach, offering visitors panoramic views of endless waters and the opportunity to relax in a captivating natural environment.

Cojimíes is a picturesque destination surrounded by lush mangrove vegetation and the warm embrace of the sea breeze. Once here, you will find yourself immersed in a tropical paradise that invites you to escape the routine and immerse yourself in the magic of the Ecuadorian coast.

Activities in Cojimíes

The residents of the beach of Cojimíes have been relying on tourism as their main source of income for several years, and even more so when they reactivated it after the earthquake of 2016, which hit the coast of Manabí hard.

Cojimies Beach environment and daily life by Patricio Ponce

Here are some of the activities you can do in Cojimíes:

👉 Relaxing at Playa Cañaveral 🏖️

An advantage of traveling to Cojimíes is that on the road between the beach of Cojimíes and the center of Pedernales, at km 17 ½, is Playa Cañaveral, also known as Juananu, a paradise of tall coconut trees, turquoise waters and a small lagoon in the middle of the beach. 🌴

Palm trees and boats Playa Cañaveral by Rooney Jr

The swell in this area is moderate, but during the surfing season (December to March) it is ideal for surfing. It is one of the favorite spots for surfers in Ecuador. In this beach there are few but good hostels and guesthouses that include food in their packages, which makes Playa Cañaveral an ideal place to rest and relax in this beautiful beach hidden in plain sight, making it one of the best beaches in Ecuador.

Palm trees at Cañaveral Beach Cojimíes by Rooney Jr

👉 Falling in love on Isla del Amor in Cojimíes

This beautiful city on the coast of Ecuador offers tourist attractions of incomparable beauty, such as the Isla del Amor, which can be reached by a 10-minute boat ride through the mouth of the Cojimíes River. This island has been declared a Natural Patrimony of Ecuador because of its great biodiversity, and it has a natural heart-shaped pool inside that has inspired countless romantic legends.

Sunset at Cojimies Beachby Luis Hernan Valle

👉 Discover the flora and fauna of the Cojimíes estuary 🐟

From the Isla del Amor you can start a journey through the estuary of the Cojimíes River and, as you enter it, you will find beautiful landscapes, the traditions and activities of this fishing village, observe the fauna and flora of its mangroves and also practice water activities and adventure sports. The blue mangrove crab fishing is one of the main livelihood activities of the local people.

Dock and fishermen in Cojimíes by Rodrigo Bermeo

👉 Adventuring in the Mache – Chindul Ecological Reserve

For those who enjoy contact with nature, Cojimíes is also one of the entry points to the Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve, where you can go hiking, camping, bird watching, visiting waterfalls, horseback riding, etc.

👉 Humpback Whale Watching🐋

The waters of Pedernales and Cojimíes, are part of the privileged coasts of Ecuador that receive the humpback whales that travel to this area to perform their captivating dances and songs, which is why from Cojimíes boat trips are offered to observe the beautiful spectacle of these marine giants.

👉  Experiencing artisanal fishing in Cojimíes 🐠

One of the most entertaining activities, if you like the sea and adventure, is to take a trip in a small boat around the estuary or in the sea to do what the locals of Cojimíes call experiential fishing, that is, to catch only what you are going to eat during the day.

Cojimies Fishing Experience by Carlos H

The activity consists of a short boat trip to one of the strategic spots known by the artisanal fishermen, armed with a fishing rod, to try to catch something for dinner. Among the species usually caught are snapper, horse mackerel and snook, among others. To hire this service you must ask directly to a fisherman on the beach of Cojimíes.

Hotels in Cojimíes

It is important to mention that the hotel infrastructure in Cojimíes is very well equipped and offers a variety of services both in high and low season. There are hotels with direct access to the beach, where you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.

Cojimíes beach as seen from by Genoveva Martinez

Recommended hotels and lodges in Cojimíes

Hotel Crucero

Hotel Crucero is located in front of the sea, has an original architecture that simulates a cruise ship, has very comfortable rooms and private parking. The hotel rooms have air conditioning, sea views, sofa, desk and private bathroom with free toiletries.
Its swimming pool is ideal to enjoy with the family.

✅ Right on the beach in front of the sea

✅ Seafront swimming pool

✅ Panoramic restaurant

La Caracola Aparthotel

La Caracola offers a great value for money service. Its privileged location will allow you to feel the sound of the sea very close and reconnect with nature, the beach is almost exclusively for the guests. The service is very friendly, the accommodations are equipped with kitchen and furnished.

✅ Direct access to the beach

✅With swimming pool and ideal for families with children

✅ Very friendly service

Hotel Santorini

The Santorini Hotel has a very nice decoration that will make your stay a unique experience next to the sea and nature. The facilities are very clean and the owners are very friendly. The hotel is in front of the beach in a very quiet and safe place.

✅ In front of the beach

✅ Very clean and cosy

✅Excellent to visit as a family or couple

If you want to see all hotels and accommodation available in Cojimíes click here.

Gastronomy and where to eat in Cojimíes

And one of its many tourist attractions is undoubtedly the gastronomy of Cojimíes, since the freshness of its seafood and the unique seasoning that its people give to it have created a varied and high quality gastronomic offer: encocados, ceviches and crab cakes are among the most requested dishes by diners.

Earthquake Rice by Las Comidas de Jessenia

One of the favorite places to enjoy this vast gastronomy is the restaurant “Las comidas de Jessenia”, located in the center of Cojimíes, whose dishes are a true delight to the palate, an example of which is its star dish, “arroz terremoto”, which is a delicious seafood rice that includes “concha prieta” or mangrove shell, shrimp, crab and squid.

Also on the seafront of Cojimíes there are several places that offer incomparable delicacies.

Dare to leave the classic vacation visits and visit Cojimíes Beach, its climate, its people and its beaches will make your visit unforgettable.

What is the climate like in Cojimies?

Its climate is warm, dry on its beaches and humid in its mangrove area. The fine white sand of the beaches of Cojimíes, decorated with long rows of palm trees, and the gentle waves of the sea in this area, make Cojimíes a favorite destination for many tourists, who feel welcomed by the friendliness of its people, its serene landscapes and its delicious gastronomy.

✍️ Author: Maria Paz Proaño, mother, traveller, writer and passionate about self-education.

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