Ballenita Beach

Things to do and see in Ballenita Beach Ecuador

Ballenita Beach is located a few minutes from Salinas and a 2 hour drive from Guayaquil, just in the middle of Spondylus route in Ecuador. Ballenita will surprise you with its white sand beaches and white houses with a Mediterranean touch reminiscent of the Greek islands. Its location makes it an ideal place to spend a weekend or stop for lunch while traveling the Ruta del Sol.

Views of Ballenita from Dillon Farallon by Jimmy Rugel

Its name refers to the possibility of seeing humpback whales from the viewpoints or the edges of its small cliffs during the months of June to September.

Humpback Whale Monument in Ballenita by Carlos Azanki

BalleniTa a beach to enjoy with the family in Ecuador

The calm waters of Ballenita Beach are ideal for relaxing and having a good time with the family. The lack of bars and nightclubs as in other places makes Ballenita an ideal beach for families looking for a quiet time while walking the Ruta del Sol or Ruta del Spondylus.

Views of the beach from the Malecon of Ballenita by Guadalupe Pilco

How is the weather in Ballenita

The climate in Ballenita is very stable, the hottest season is from December to April, with an average temperature of 26ºC – 32ºC / 78ºF – 89ºF , as in the whole coast of Ecuador. These temperatures are maintained even when it is very cloudy.

Ballenita Viewpointby El fantasma 14

On the other hand, from July to September you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunny days, although the temperature will be slightly lower between 25ºC – 30ºC / 76ºF – 86ºC , the environment is suitable for photography.

Learn more about the climate in Ecuador: The Climate of Ecuador’s Beaches

How to get to Ballenita beach?

Ballenita Beach is located in the province of Santa Elena, about 2 hours from Guayaquil and 20 minutes from other important beaches such as Salinas or places of interest such as Chocolatera.

It is easily accessible from the south of the beaches of Manabí. The main routes are the E 15 or Spondilus route and the E 40. There are no large parking lots in Ballenita, so it is advisable to leave your car at a hotel.

What to do in Ballenita Beach?

Pier to Ballenita viewpoint by Douglas Dillon

Ballenita has become a family beach with a renovated boardwalk that allows you to walk along the sea and observe its extensive beaches. Visiting its innovative snail-shaped viewpoint is an unforgettable and unique experience in Ecuador.

New Malecon in Ballenita by Jorge Perez

Walking, enjoying its beautiful views and relaxing in its calm waters are the most outstanding activities at Ballenita Beach.

Where to sleep and stay in Ballenita?

Ballenita Beach Viewpoint by Guadalupe Pilco

The small town of Ballenita is fortunate to be away from the big cities, so there are no big hotels in the center of Ballenita to attract many visitors. On the contrary, the best hotels in Ballenita are located on the edge of the small cliff on the outskirts of town.

Hotels in Ballenita that we recommend

Farallon Dijon

This impressive hotel is considered the Museum of the High Seas in Ecuador, as it houses a private collection of various objects and artifacts related to boats and navigation on the high seas. Its owner collected them during his many travels around the world.

Hotel Farallón Dillon in Ballenita

The place is decorated with the typical colors of Mediterranean coastal towns: white and turquoise blue. Its rooms are comfortable and you can book a room located at the top of the lighthouse overlooking the pool and the sea.

Ocean views from the Farallon Dillon Hotel

The restaurant has the best view of Ballenita and its gastronomy combines certain dishes of Ecuadorian and European cuisine.

Casa KoKopelli

Casa Kokopelli is a charming house on the outskirts of Ballenita that has taken advantage of its location to create a unique view of the sea and the beach of Ballenita.

Casa KoKopelli Hotel

It has few rooms but its close treatment will make us feel at home but in front of the sea.

Royal Decamerón Punta Centinela

If we like comfort and services, we can visit the Royal Decameron Punta Centinela, only 11 km from Ballenita. It has several swimming pools and its rooms have been designed so that guests can enjoy the exciting views of the sea.

The best restaurants in Ballenita

The gastronomy of Ballenita is very popular and the dishes are usually very succulent. The best restaurants are located near the renovated boardwalk where the Ballenita Food Court has been built. Although there are restaurants on the outskirts that are very popular. Those in the center have the disadvantage that it can be difficult to find parking for the car, but the views to the beach are beautiful.

Prices can vary a lot and it all depends on where they are located, we recommend the following in the city:

  • Cabaña De Lourdes 1
  • Restaurante Los Parasoles
  • Cevicheria Las Ostras
Seafood Dishes at Cevichería las Ostras by Jose Gabriel A.G.

On the outskirts of Ballenita there are restaurants with spectacular seafood, do not be fooled by the outside appearance, some of them are really good and with unique landscapes towards the sea in Ballenita: We recommend:

  • Restaurant Farallon Dijon
  • Cevicheria La Sirenita
  • Cevichería Aquí es Sandrita

Recommendations when visiting Ballenita Beach

Ballenita beach with rocks by Dayanne G.

The central beach is very quiet, but if we decide to go a little further north towards Montañita, we will discover that part of the beach is covered with sandstone rocks that, although they are not very hard, can cause problems when enjoying the sea.

I visited Ballenita beach in 2017 and we stayed at the Hotel Farallon Dijon, from here you can go down to a very quiet part of the beach, it’s a place to rest, the beach is quite nice, it doesn’t have that tropical touch because its vegetation is rather dry, but it combines very well with the landscape.

Adrian Tamayo

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