Discover Ayampe Beach ⛱️

Enjoy the tranquility and the landscape of Ayampe. This paradise beach of Manabí is a destination with good waves, a wide beach, restaurants with exquisite and varied Manabí food, beautiful hostels and above all its people, warm and friendly.

When you arrive in Ayampe, the first thing you should do is relax, enjoy a quiet day and eat delicious food.

The small coastal town of Ayampe has gained a reputation for being cosmopolitan, bohemian, tropical, surfing and even a little hippie, similar to Montañita but located in the canton of Puerto Lopez, in the province of Manabi in Ecuador.

Ayampe Beach by Jorge H Rivadeneira

The weather at Ayampe Beach ⛅

The climate of Ayampe is classified as tropical, with the following characteristics:

  • The average annual temperature in Ayampe is 24°C (75°F).
  • The best time to visit is during Ecuador’s beach season, which runs from December to April.
  • From June to November, the days tend to be rainier, but just as beautiful.
  • During the winter season in the coastal region of Ecuador, which tends to be warmer and rainy, the vegetation becomes much greener, which contrasts greatly with the dry season.
Cloudy weather in Ayampe Beach by Ronald Quiroz
Sunny weather in Ayampe Beach by Ella Unterseher

📍 How to get to Ayampe

Beach and surf in Ayampe Ecuador by Julia Arias Lara

From Quito to Ayampe

Ayampe is located on the border between the provinces of Manabi and Santa Elena. To get to this place if you are coming from Quito, you must first get to Puerto Lopez and then continue to the beach of Ayampe, the distance from Quito is 506 km and the approximate duration of the trip is 8h 30 min.

Ayampe is only at:

  • 🚙 21 km from Puerto Lopez
  • 🚙 26 km from Montañita

From Guayaquil to Ayampe

If you come from Guayaquil, the trip is shorter, the distance is 199 km and the approximate duration of the trip is about 2 hours 50 minutes. If you prefer a more relaxed trip, you can take the Coastal Road or the Ruta del Spondylus and enjoy the unique fishing villages of Ecuador that you will find along the way.

What are the activities to do and to visit in Ayampe 🌊?

If you like tranquility, Ayampe will be your new favorite place, but don’t worry, it can be the starting point to get to know other party places, like Montañita, which is 25 minutes away.

Sunset in Ayampe by Carlos Torcates

Due to its currents, Ayampe Beach is ideal for water sports such as swimming, sport fishing, humpback whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling or surfing.

These are the most popular activities in Ayampe:

🏄 Surf in Ayampe

Surf in Ayampe by Otra Ola

Ayampe is an important place to surf in Ecuador🏄, but if you are not an expert it is better to do it with an instructor who will give you some previous lessons, but for your safety there will always be a lifeguard nearby. In the small town of Ayampe there are several schools and instructors, one of the most popular and recommended places is Otra Ola.

🥾 Hiking through the tropical rainforest of Ayampe

Views of the interior of Ayampe, surrounded by tropical vegetation by Tamara Jelinkova

Another activity you can do when you visit Ayampe Beach is to walk along the trails that connect the surrounding area, as it has hills where you can appreciate its flora and fauna. Many of the trails start near the beach and can go into the interior of the tropical forest, following the Ayampe riverbed.

🧘‍♀️ Yoga in Ayampe

Yoga in Ayampe by Otra Ola

The privileged location of Ayampe and the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that prevails in this Ecuadorian beach, make it possible to practice yoga and connect with the beauty of its landscape. Yoga can be practiced near the beach in one of the hotels and centers that offer it, or in small and cozy hotel in the interior, such as the Vistamar Guest House.

🐎 Horseback riding through the forest and beach of Ayampe

It may not be the most popular activity, but it is possible to go horseback riding in Ayampe, after all, you don’t always have the chance to ride a horse in a tropical forest or near the beach. There are several hotels that offer this activity, such as the Ayampe Guest House.

🐋 Watching Humpback Whales

Humpback whale in Ayampe by Stefan Schwarz

Although the most popular place to see humpback whales in Ecuador is Puerto López, they can also be seen from Ayampe.

During the humpback whale watching season, which lasts from June to September, they can be seen near the islet known as Roca Piramidal. There are small boats that offer this activity, but it is best to go to Salango and buy an excursion.

🛏️ Where to stay in Ayampe

Don’t be fooled by the view, Ayampe is a quiet and rustic place, but you can find very exclusive places. Of course, all the places you can stay are nice and cozy. Check out all the recommended hotels in Ayampe here.

Rest and Relaxation in Ayampe by Vistamar Guest House.

You can stay near the ocean to watch a sunset, or if your style is more mountainous, you can have that too. And if you’re definitely more into the outdoors and stargazing, it’s also a good place to camp.

Cabañas La Tortuga

Offering an outdoor swimming pool, bar and garden, Cabañas La Tortuga is located in Ayampe. The property has a shared kitchen and barbecue facilities.

  • 150 m from the center
  • Beachfront accommodation

Room Papagayo

Located a few steps from Ayampe Beach, Room Papagayo offers river views and accommodation with a bar and balcony. It offers garden and sea views.

  • 50 m from the beach
  • Direct access to the sea and spacious rooms

Las Cabañas de la Iguana

Offering a garden, Cabañas de la Iguana is located in Ayampe. Free private parking is available on site and airport shuttle service is available for a surcharge. The rooms include a desk.

  • 100 m from the center of town
  • Comfort and privacy surrounded by nature

🍽️ Recommended restaurants in Ayampe

If you are worried about what to eat in Ayampe, stop worrying now, because in Ayampe you can find from traditional snacks of Manabi and Ecuadorian gastronomy to international food. You can also have delicious vegan and healthy food. Everything for your palate. Many are located near the beach or in the lodges, and others are in the small town of Ayampe across the road.

Ceviche in the restaurant The Fish House by Fausto Acosta

These are the most popular restaurants 🍽️ in Ayampe:

  • La Cabaña del Corviche; a little far from the beach but an excellent option.
  • The Fish House; very close to the beach with good ceviches.
  • Selvamar; with bohemian ambiance at night
  • Los Orishas; in the northern part of the beach, very good option.

👌 Recommendations to visit and get to know Ayampe

Ayampe and red flag sign at the beach by Patricia Tamayo

It is best to enter the sea at low tide and to be careful at high tide, as the currents in this area can be very dangerous, especially if you do not know how to swim.

There are also certain areas of Ayampe beach where there are many stones and some large rocks that can be dangerous, especially in times of high swell. You will find red flags indicating that it is better not to go there.

Relax in Ayampe Beach by Patricia Tamayo
✍️ Author: Patricia Tamayo blogger at Lea Monos

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