"Experience Something Unique on the Beaches of Ecuador and the Galápagos"

"Discover the Best Beaches in Ecuador"

“Are you in search of a tropical retreat to break free from the urban hustle and bustle? Envision immersing yourself in the pristine waters of the Pacific while unwinding on South America’s most exquisite white sandy beaches. Look no further, as you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Ecuador boasts some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, and we extend an invitation for you to explore the captivating beaches of Ecuador with us.”

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Ecuador is a country that blends stunning mountain landscapes, the magical Galápagos Islands, lush tropical jungles, and dreamy beaches, making it a unique destination in the world. Here, you will find diverse types of beaches, some with expansive stretches of soft sand, others surrounded by nature, and some filled with excitement. All of this makes Ecuador a paradise for nature and sea lovers.

Would you like to feel the fresh ocean breeze on your skin while enjoying the best coastal views? Or perhaps, would you prefer a day of beach adventure, surfing, or hiking? Whatever your style, Ecuador’s beaches offer an unforgettable experience.”

Continue reading to discover the best 8 beaches in Ecuador Mainland

1. Montañita Beach

Known for its perfect surfing waves and its hippie, tropical, and festive atmosphere, Montañita is a popular destination among sea lovers and party enthusiasts. It is located about 3 hours from Guayaquil and 2 hours and 45 minutes from Manta. Montañita is a must-stop on the Spondylus Route.

The beach is ideal for surf enthusiasts, hosting several national and international championships annually. It is also possible to take surfing lessons at both beginner and advanced levels on Montañita Beach.

Montañita exudes a cosmopolitan and surf-oriented atmosphere, creating an overall relaxing vibe.

There are numerous accommodation options and restaurants catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. The nightlife in Montañita is diverse, but the most typical experience involves strolling through its colorful streets and enjoying its unique atmosphere in Ecuador. At times, it’s compared to the city of Baños de Agua Santa for its blend of adventure, relaxation, and entertainment.”

2. Canoa

La playa de Canoa es muy tranquila, es ideal para relajarse y disfrutar del sol y el mar acompañados de una gastronomía manabita excepcional 

3. Ayangue

Con sus aguas cristalinas y hermosos paisajes, Ayangue es un lugar perfecto para bucear y descubrir la vida marina

4. Mompiche

Esta playa solitaria es un escondite secreto para aquellos que buscan una escapada auténtica y aislada

5. Same

Con uno de los climas tropicales mas agradebles de Ecuador, la Playa de Same en Esmeraldas es ideal para descanzar y disfrutar en pareja o familia de la playa

6. Los Frailes

Esta playa escénica es conocida por sus acantilados y puestas de sol impresionantes. Se encuentra dentro del Parque Nacional Machalilla y su acceso es controlado para garantizar la preservación de su entorno

7. Salinas

Con su animada escena de playa y aguas cálidas, Salinas es un lugar perfecto para disfrutar de deportes acuáticos y relajarse

7. San Lorenzo Manta

Sus impresionantes vistas y acantilados te dejaran maravillado. Desde su famoso faro aun activo podemos ver la Isla de la Playa y una visión completa de las playas de Manta y Puerto Cayo

"Are you looking for other beaches to visit in Ecuador?"

“Discover our guide to beaches in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.”

Natural Beaches

"Discover natural and protected beaches."

Lively Beaches

Fall in love with charming beaches with a life of their own

Family-Friendly Beaches

Rest with family or friends in natural surroundings

Fall in love with the charming beaches of Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands also have wonderful beaches, most of which are protected and accessed through controlled visits.

"Activities on Ecuadorian Beaches"

Playas Top Ecuador is a free guide to all the beaches of Ecuador. We show you how to get to them and the best activities you can do to enjoy according to your wishes and preferences.

Each beach is known for one or several activities, many of them offering peaceful and welcoming hotels and restaurants to spend a pleasant time with family.

There are also certain beaches ideal for surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or snorkeling.

What to do at Ecuador's beaches?

Whale Watching

Available during the humpback whale watching season from June to September.

Kayak in Galápagos

Explore the beautiful Galápagos Islands' interior in a different and entertaining way.

Relax by the seaside

Rest with family or friends in natural environments by the beach or very close to it.

Map of Ecuador and its beaches

Map of Ecuador and its beaches

How is the weather on the beaches of Ecuador?

Ecuador is situated on the equator, so there are 12 hours of sunlight every day of the year, and there are no distinct seasons as in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres. The climate is influenced by each geographical region, delimited by the Andes mountain range that runs through the country.