Hotels and accommodations in Manta

Manta has one of the most dynamic beaches in Ecuador, with excellent places to visit in its surroundings and the second most important seaport in Ecuador. Your stay in Manta can be a very pleasant experience.

The reasons to visit Manta can vary, from tourism, pleasure, business or conventions. The offer of hotels and accommodations in Manta is very varied and complete. You can decide to stay in a seaside hotel or in lodgings very close to Manta Beach. Additionally, the airport is very close to downtown Manta, just 8km away.

The roads connect Manta with the main cities of Manabí, Guayaquil, and Quito. The famous Spondylus Route also runs through much of the Manta canton.

Here are some of the best places to stay in Manta, depending on your preferences, needs and budget: ⇓

Manta Beach Hotels

Hotel Vistalmar

The central area of Manta has direct access to several beaches, including Playa Murciélago and Playa Barbasquillo. Some of the hotels have been built on the cliffs with beautiful ocean views and direct access to the beach. Here are some hotels with access to Manta’s beaches.

Explore the most splendid and breathtaking oceanfront hotels in Manta.

Hotel en Manta frente al mar

MantaHost Hotel


Wyndham Sail Plaza


Hotel Poseidon


Hotels in Manta near the beach

The Manta beach is easily accessible and well connected from the city center. The most recommended accommodations closest to the beach are located between Malecón Avenue and Flavio Alfaro Avenue. From these hotels, you can safely walk to Murciélago beach or the Manta Yacht Club.

Find your accommodation in Manta that is closest to the beach:

The best hotels in Manta

Hotels in Manta all-inclusive

If comfort and location are top priorities for you, we invite you to discover our selection of the best all-inclusive, oceanfront hotels in Manta. You will also find hotels that offer all-inclusive packages or getaways in Manta.

Hotels and Apartments in Manta with pool.

If you enjoy the sea, but also relaxing in a freshwater pool at night or enjoying a peaceful setting with your partner or family, visit our selection of hotels and apartments in Manta with pools.

Apartments in Manta

Vacation Rentals in Manta

If you prefer maintaining great privacy or sharing your vacation only with your family, the city of Manta offers a wide range of vacation apartments, many of which are located in modern buildings and even on the beachfront.

Book in advance and enjoy a unique vacation in Manta.

Hotels in Manta Prices

The price of accommodations and hotels in Manta can vary from around $15 to over $150 per person per night, depending on factors such as location, amenities, and the quality of the establishment.

Cheap Hotels in Manta

We have selected some hostels and hotels that offer great value for money if you are on a tight budget but can’t wait to get to Manta.

Hostels in Manta

If you’re young or just love the unique and special atmosphere of Hostels, we present a short selection of the best hostels in Manta.

From: $31 per night


Hostal Antares

From: $57 per night


Hostal Malania

From: $30 per night


Hostal el Naufrago

From: $30 per night


Hotels near Manta

If you’re looking for a hotel in a more family-friendly and relaxed setting, consider staying at a hotel in the outskirts of Manta. We recommend San Mateo and Santa Marianita beaches. Here’s a selection of nearby accommodations that are interesting for an unforgettable vacation in Manta.

From: $102 per room


From: $32 per room


Casa Blanca

From: $76 per room


Casa Las Mantas

From: $72 per room

Hotel Cielo Azul

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