Hotels in Atacames

Atacames has one of the most popular and visited beaches in Ecuador. The beach of Atacames is a must-visit destination by tradition at least once in a lifetime.

The lively nightlife and eternal vacation atmosphere in Atacames make it an ideal place to spend a few days at the beach and have fun with family.

One of the best ways to enjoy the activities in Atacames is to relax in one of its seaside hotels and enjoy beautiful sunsets while experiencing the unique beach and nightlife atmosphere of the place.

We recommend the best hotels and hostels in Atacames by the sea according to your tastes, needs, and budget: ⇓

Atacames Beachfront Hotels

Relax at Atacames beachfront lodges

If you want to enjoy the beach of Atacames and fall in love with beautiful sunsets, one of the best options is to relax by the sea.

Here you will find a selection of the best hostels and hotels in Atacames facing the sea.

Atacames has a very active promenade and most of the hotels in Atacames have direct access to the promenade and the beach..

Hotel Cielo Azul


Hotel El Marqués


Hotel Club del Sol


Hotel la Barca


Hotels in Atacames with ocean view

Atacames is a delightful beach and entertainment spot, where most hotels offer stunning ocean views.

Nonetheless, certain hotels provide breathtaking vistas of Atacames boardwalk and beach, either due to their location or construction style.

Some of these hotels are situated outside the center of Atacames town, making it perfect for beach enjoyment and relaxation. Here’s a brief list of ocean view hotels in Atacames:

Arco Iris Atacames


Hotel Internacional en Atacames


Cabañas Ecologicas Cayapas


Hotel Atacames Inn


Beachfront hotels in Atacames with swimming pools.

Lodges and Hostels in Atacames with swimming pool.

If you love the sea but also want to relax peacefully and enjoy a calm environment, a hotel with a pool may be ideal.

Additionally, hotels with pools in Atacames have the magic of allowing us to enjoy the contrast between a swim in the salty sea water and the freshness of the pool.

Check out the accommodations with pools in Atacames.


Hotel Juan Sebastián


Cabins in Atacames

The accommodations in eco-friendly cabins are becoming increasingly popular, even though the supply is limited. In Atacames, it is possible to stay in cabins. Many are renowned hotels, while others are small ventures that are just beginning to develop. Here’s a small selection of cabins in Atacames.

Rental Cabins in Atacames

The best hotels in Atacames.

Enjoy a family vacation at one of the best hotels in Atacames.

Si la tranquilidad y exclusividad priman al momento de decidir donde iras tus próximas vacaciones, Atacames ofrece varios hoteles con prestaciones de alta calidad para que tu estadía en esta divertida y animada playa de Ecuador sea muy agradable.

Rental Departments in Atacames

Vacation Rentals in Atacames

Enjoying a peaceful and private vacation is possible in Atacames if you rent an apartment or a suite.

There are several options available so that you can rest and relax with your family in the beach resort of Atacames.

Cheap Hotels in Atacames

The price of lodging and hotels in Atacames can range from about $12 to over $75 per night per person, depending on the location, services, and quality of the establishment.

Cheap Hotels in Atacames

If your budget is limited, that’s not a barrier to visiting Atacames and its lively beach.

We have selected some accommodations with a very good value for money.

Hostels in Atacames

If you love the youthful atmosphere of hostels or are taking a trip with classmates or friends to Atacames, finding a great hostel may be the key to having fun with the attractions that Atacames beach offers.

Here is a short selection of the best hostels in Atacames.

Desde: $ 32 la noche


Hotel Costa Paraiso

Desde: $ 83 la noche


Hostal Aruba

Desde: $ 34 la noche


Hotel Oro Blanco

Desde: $ 26 la noche

Hotel Vistalmar

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