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If you are in Portoviejo or Manta, or just traveling the sun route through Ecuador, you cannot miss a visit to Crucita Beach. This beach, located in Manabí, has become a favorite destination for families and friends who want to relax in a quiet environment and, above all, with a very clean beach.

Read on to discover why you must add Crucita Beach in Manabi to your list of places to discover in Ecuador.

Beach and paragliding in Crucita by Pedro Quishpe


Crucita Beach or known as Crucita la bella is an extensive beach located 30 km from Portoviejo and 45 KM from Manta, is by proximity the favorite beach of the inhabitants of Portoviejo and an excellent place to relax with the family.

Sunset in Crucita Manabi by Aylin Domo Zambrano

It is considered by many to be one of the cleanest beaches in Manabí because the local merchants help to keep the beach area clean.


This beautiful beach is very natural and rustic, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. Crucita has a very pleasant climate, the average annual temperatures are:

  • 🌡️ Minimum temperatures range from 21 ºC to 23ºC / 69 ºF to 73ºF
  • 🌡️ Maximum temperatures range between 29ºC and 32ºC / 84 ºF to 90ºF
  • The hottest months are typically from January to April.
  • The clearest skies are usually from May to October. 🌞
For more information visit our article about the weather on the beaches of Ecuador.
Crucita seen from the Loma viewpoint. by Cesar Salazar


🚙 From Portoviejo

To reach Crucita beach from Portoviejo’s center, take Jose Maria Urbina Avenue and continue on the A39 road, then take the Portoviejo-Crucita road. Along the way, you will pass several stalls selling fruit and ceramic handicrafts typical of Manabí culture.

🚙 From Manta

If you are coming from Manta, take the Port-Airport road that runs along El Murciélago beach and connects with the E15, also known as Ruta del Spondylus.


Relax on Crucita beach by Melanie Moreno

Crucita beach is not very crowded during the week, but on weekends and public holidays it tends to be much busier.

Most agree that Crucita la Bella beach is very quiet so it is ideal to plant an umbrella ⛱️ and simply enjoy the warm air of the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador.

But it also has other activities such as:

🪂 Paragliding in Crucita

As well as relaxing on its extensive beaches, it is also possible to enjoy the incredible views of this resort while paragliding.

Loma de Crucita viewpoint, the paragliding area:

Paragliding in Crucita by Andres Rojas Vera

Paragliding is available from Crucita Hill, for around $40 you can enjoy a 20 minute flight with incredible views over the beach and town of Crucita.

The lookout is open every day, but paragliding can be booked at weekends, during the week it is advisable to contact one of the operators in advance.

Paragliding is weather dependent and is not recommended on very cloudy or windy days.

🌊 La Boca beach in Crucita:

La Boca is a beach located north of Crucita at the southern end of the mouth of the Portoviejo River, bordering the town and beach of San Jacinto, on one side there are several pools dedicated to shrimp 🦐 .

La Boca beach in Crucita from the airby Byron Pinto

La Boca beach is very cosy and beautiful with a very tasty gastronomic proposal organised by the local community, they even offer a wood fire all within a very rustic community restaurant built with local materials such as bamboo (guadua) and cade or palm leaves mainly.

In season, the Manabi blue crab dish stands out 🦀.

Close to the mouth of the Portoviejo River, the scenery is very beautiful and unusual, as the river flows very slowly into the sea and it is possible to enjoy the beach surrounded by mangroves.

La Boca beach is several hundred meters deep and forms small lagoons or natural pools, ideal for swimming and for small children, some of fresh water from the mangroves.

☑️ Recommendations when visiting La Boca:

  • Be especially careful with currents and do not attempt anything near the river mouth.
  • Access by small car can be complicated at times due to the condition of the road.
  • Also, do not leave garbage in the surrounding areas or on the beach, as they are further away and do not have adequate garbage collection systems.
La Boca Crucita Beach by Diego Rivadeneira

🌴 Paseo Comunitario Manglar la Boca:

“The mouth of the Portoviejo River into the Pacific Ocean reveals a unique microclimate.”

Although the entrance is through the community of San Jacinto, it is very close to La Boca de Crucita, the place offers very beautiful landscapes in the mangrove and there are some trails suitable for observing the vegetation and a viewpoint that allows us to see the estuary of the Portoviejo River.

There is a parking lot and community guides who offer boat rides 🚣 along the river and the Boca mangrove swamp.

¿WHERE TO STAY IN Crucita 🏡?

Crucita does not have big hotels like Salinas or Manta, but the offer of hotels and inns in Crucita is very varied and you can find several places with very good recommendations at affordable prices. There are small but cozy inns with swimming pools. In the central area of the town you will find accommodations in all price ranges.

To see all available accommodations in Crucita click here.

The most familiar and quiet hotels and private accommodations are located north towards La Boca Beach.

We recommend these hotels and hostels:


This cozy lodge is located 800 meters from the beach of Crucita, has rooms built with typical local materials, very well maintained, the rooms have private bathrooms and preference is given to quiet as parties are not allowed in the place.

The rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and some have a balcony.

Cabañas Vistamar

Ideally located just 20 meters from the beach in Crucita, Hostal Vistamar offers rooms and cabins with free Wi-Fi and ocean views.

It has a small swimming pool and is 28 km from the city of Puerto Viejo and 40 km from Manta.

It is a little far from the center of Crucita, which makes it an ideal place to rest quietly with the family.

Hostería Mar de Cristal

Located in Crucita, just 100 meters from the beach, Hosteria Mar de Cristal features a restaurant and an indoor soccer field with artificial turf. Free WiFi is available. La Boca Mangrove is a 10-minute drive away.

Its rooms are very comfortable

Casa Don Marco Luxury Beach house

Casa Don Marco is a vacation house with 5 rooms with private bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave and washing machine.

It has a swimming pool and balconies with terraces facing the sea and is just a few steps from Crucita Beach.

Hostal el  Viejo y el Mar Restaurante

Perhaps one of the hotels in Crucita with the most unique view of the sea, since it is located on the beach, has comfortable rooms and an ideal environment to spend time with friends or as a couple, its location makes this hotel very worthwhile.


When talking about gastronomy in Ecuador, Manabi is usually mentioned for its incredible variety of flavors and culinary techniques, and Crucita is no exception, as you can easily find restaurants of all kinds with varied offerings and good prices.

Manabi seafood casserole at Cevichería Omega 3 by Luis Geovanny Velez Bailon

In Crucita beach, these restaurants stand out a lot:

La Loma de Crucita

Perhaps one of the best restaurants in Crucita, not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its privileged location with incredible views of the beach and surrounding area of the Manabí coast. Paragliding is often practiced from here and is part of its attraction.

Cevichería Omega 3

A cozy restaurant located in the southern part of the beach, offers unique dishes such as: clams in garlic sauce, seafood rice with shrimp, casserole manabita among others, worth trying its gastronomic offer.

Isabel Bar Restaurant

Cozy restaurant facing the sea, it has a bar ideal for sipping a cocktail and enjoying the sunset in Crucita, highlights its ceviche and its location slightly away from downtown.


In low season there is usually no problem finding accommodation in Crucita, but if you want to stay on weekends or holidays it is advisable to book in advance, we also recommend the following when visiting Crucita beach:

  • The swell can be strong during the season from December to March, it is recommended to review the recommendations of
  • The beach in certain areas can have a lot of small stones which can be a nuisance for small children.
  • Crucita has a small, rustic and improvised fishing port where it is possible to buy fresh seafood directly, the coolers are sold on the spot.

✍️ Author: Adrian Tamayo C.

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